Sinar p-SLR

Many large format photographers use the heavy duty view cameras made by SINAR. And some of them use them with a modern DSLR attached to the rear standard.

For those, interested in this kind of setup, there is good news: SINAR presented the p-SLR system, which makes it possible to use Canon or Nikon DSLRs with the swiss made large format camera. It’s designed to be used with the SINAR P2 and P3 view camera systems. Right now, I am investigating if an adaptation to the older SINAR F1 and F2 might be possible.

The kit consists of a „mounting L-bracket“ which holds the DSLR, bellows in 4×5 inch, a bellow named „model 100“ for a maximum extension of 30 cm (for macro photography), and a positioning and centering tool to align the camera sensor with the large format lens. The possibility to use a large variety of lenses, including the Rodenstock Digital series opens up new spheres in terms of image quality. As a side remark I want to mention that also Hasselblad V-lenses are usable with a special lens board.

The official price is around 1500 Eur for the kit. For those of us, who own a SINAR camera, well invested money to have unlimited freedom for image creation.

The photographer, calling only a DSLR his or her own, has to budget around 600 to 1000 Eur for a second hand SINAR P2, which can be found on eBay e.g.

More info and a .pdf brouchure can be found on the SINAR website.

I will try to get my hands on one and do some „real life tests“.

So, Stay tuned …

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