Makeing results reproducible

A good cook of course „has it in his hands“ to get the right taste of the dish and would not use a scale for finding the needed amount of salt and pepper. But even a Chef de la Cuisine would have some notes on special creations – call them a reminder.

In the PostProduction of RAW files it’s a bit similar. Once you found a convenient way to get the look you want, it’s just a logic step to „save the recipe“.

Using Actions in PhotoShop

In order to be as flexible as possible in terms of adjustment and fine-tuning, I am recording custom actions. In fact, it’s mainly creating layers from the background image and doing all adjustments and changes in a „non destructive way“. By a change of the opacity of the specific layer, it’s simple to adjust the strength of the effect. The layer mode gives a powerful tool to influence the way singe fragments of the adjustment play together.

Here, it’s totally up to the individual photographer to use his preferred method to get the overall effect wanted.

The important part is, to save all the adjustment steps in a PhotoShop action. In batch mode or with the use of the image processor, the same look is achieved for a set of images within moments.

Over the years I got my own little „actions library“ together. Very handy to save some time and to quickly create several versions of the same initial image.

So much for today … Stay tuned …

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