Why do I go to a Vernissage ?

Well, to see the works of the artist, talk to the artist, and to have a good time of course.

Vernissage, LUMAS, Berlin, 08.07.2010

LUMAS in Berlin opened the exhibition OXYGEN yesterday evening with works from
André Wagner, Wulf Winckelmann, Horst & Daniel Zielske, Jean de Pomereu and Stefan von Stengel. (The exhibition is open to the public till 17th of August 2010).

Mysterious low contrast ice bergs, Golf courses that appear like fairy tale landscapes or impressive views of Venice, the selection of photographs is giving a good overview over the fields of activity of the artists and they are – as usual – presented in the noble ambience of the LUMAS gallery.

Wine and Art. LUMAS gallery, Berlin

Coming back to my headline. The second important reason for me to visit gallery openings and vernissage invitations is to observe the other guests and visitors. The motives for them are obviously very manifold. You can find the lady in this fancy dress, wearing shoes that are not really made for walking but color-wise perfectly adjusted to her lip gloss. Then, there is the guy in short trousers and sneakers who is extremely delighted that a fresh „Veltins“ beer is offered! Or the Grandpa from next door, who just enjoys sitting at the designer table, browsing through the catalog and tasting a glass of chilled wine. Whatever the reasons for visiting are – If it was an evening to remember, it was worth going there.

I enjoyed myself, and without a doubt the Gentleman, I was referring to also did, as I saw him leaving with a smile on his face.

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