Nudes – Positions of Nude Art Photography

Richard Avedon - Nastassja Kinski with serpant

The list of exhibited artists reads like the Who is Who of Fine Art Photography. Esther Haase (The Temptation VIII, reprinted 2005), Nadav Kander, Jeanloup Sieff, Rankin, Wingate Paine (1964, 1965), Ralph Gibson, Bettina Rheims (Chambre Close by Japanese women), Thomas Ruff, Helmut Newton, Russell James, Bruce Weber, Richard Avedon (Nastassja Kinski with serpant; Stephanie Seymor), Edward Weston (1922), Man Ray (1929), Fratisek Drtikol (1931), Herb Ritts (Neith with shadow), Edward Steichen, Manuel Alvarez Bravo, Bert stern (Marilyn Monroe, 1962), Annie Leibowitz (Cindy Crawford, 1993), Michel Comte (Carla Bruni), Diane Arbus (1968), Robert Mapplethorpe, Harry Callahan (Elenor – Triptych, list price 300.000 Eur) are only some of the highlights.

All styles and epochs starting from the early 1920s are presented over two floors at CAMERA WORK in Berlin until August 28, 2010. The group exhibition is mainly curated from the gallery’s own collection, displaying more than 40 photographers and their perspectives on mostly female nude art. „Selected classics are supplemented with, in some cases, never before exhibited contemporary works of Blaise Reuterswald, Nadav Kander, or Ralph Mecke.“

Highly recommended

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