Today's shooting

Finally, after a longer break I was out in the field again with my Digital Large Format camera. Berlin is offering so many interesting locations that it is quite difficult not to loose the overview. Thanks to my little booklet where I mark down locations I’ve been and those I want to go, I try to remain focused.

One other aspect of today’s shooting was to test a new piece of software that turned out to be extremely useful in the field. I am talking about DSLR Assistant, a compact little program that allows tethered shooting with a range of Canon cameras directly into your MacBook Pro (or any other Mac, of course). Why shooting tethered in the field ?

Me, shooting tethered, camera connected to my MacBook

There’s a very simple answer to this question: To control and adjust the focus of the camera. Up to now, I was using a loupe with a magnification factor of two connected to the eyepiece of the camera together with the zoom function directly within the camera to check the sharpness of a first test shot. Depending on the subject, this method works better or worse. As the image through the viewfinder is quite dark, it needs a lot of practice to get a feeling for the correct focus setting. The final insight comes during the Post Production. Sometimes this is too late.

So, „shooting directly into the laptop“, opening the first frame in Photoshop at 100% zoom factor gives the immediate answer to the question if the focus is properly set. Also in terms of image composition and the right choice of wanted image section, it comes very handy to use the .jpg preview files (I always shoot RAW plus small size .jpg) on the spot to merge the single frames together and see the final image within a few minutes. I am a big fan of simple and easy solutions just doing the job. And KAAsoft’s tool is just doing that. Period.

Here, the two images, I shot today:

Molecule Men, Berlin, LF photograph

Warschauer Brücke, Berlin, LF photograph

Both images are merged together from 5×3 single frames. Five frames per row for three rows in total with the camera attached to the LF-to-EOS adapter in normal horizontal mode (The camera can be also rotated by 90 degrees!).

So much for today – I will go a little bit into detail talking about possible image formats in my next post.

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