I would sue ….

… the photographer ! This is what comes to my mind most of the times, browsing through so many of these so called model-databases. Thank god, different people have different tastes. But still, a certain sense for aesthetics should be sending warning signals, in case of really bad pictures being used in all these portals. I would say that all of us do care up to a certain degree on how we look like, how we appear in public.

For so many – mainly women – that want to present their model qualities to all those „talented photographers“ out there, there seem to be different criteria. First of all sex sells. This is nothing new. The only problem I see, is that the internet is unforgiving. Once you’ve clicked „upload“, these masterpieces are out in the universe of bits and bites – and they stay. „If I don’t like it anymore, I will delete it …“ How naive – Countless servers keep mirrored data of everything. Really removing something from the web is virtually impossible.

I should calm down again – Everybody should do as he or she wants to do …

Still, I would sue the photographer, if he would dare ….

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