Aerial View

While photographers like Yann Artus Bertrand, to pick out one famous example, spend half their time on board a helicopter or airplane, one can also use naturally higher standpoints for interesting shots. The Fernsehturm at Alexanderplatz in Berlin is one good example for an interesting position to shoot from a „different angle“.

Aerial view of Berlin

Taking into account that there is no use of a tripod possible, as it’s rather crowded up there, that the windows are not too clean and that I did not bring a tele-lens with me, the amount of detail and structure in these images surprised me.

Aerial view of Berlin, II

As a boy I was always fascinated by huge model railway boards. Shooting from up there was just sending me back in time.

view direction east

The fact, that one does not know what in detail will be on the photograph while shooting it, makes this kind of shooting even nicer. While doing the Postproduction many interesting details appeared on the huge screen at 100% magnification, that I would have never assumed to have taken a picture of.

Aerial view of Berlin direction North

I will repeat this session for sure. Doing a few things differently: First of all a brighter day, probably late afternoon just before sunset will help. Second a polarizer filter in front of the lens should significantly reduce reflections in the windows. And third, I would recommend a 80-200mm lens and a Monopod.

So much for today.

Stay tuned …

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