Retrospect 2009

Now, I am sitting here thinking about what made the year 2009 worth talking about it. Of course there were many nice and challenging photo projects – and may be even a few more that are still in the pipeline. Time is running fast … Sometimes one just has to make choices. My personal head note would be most certainly „film is alive“ – more than ever.

me, shooting downtown Berlin

Even Polaroid managed to climb back up to the surface, LoFi photography is „mega-in“ and while some time ago, it was rather difficult to find a decent lab to develop some slide films, during the holidays I found even special offers on „classic photographic material“. Why is that ? I think it’s a natural balance or counter-balance: On the one hand high-tech gear is getting more and more impressive for more and more „realistic prices“, like the huge range of DSLR cameras presented in 2009, allowing all of us to be the next Steven Spielberg due to HD-movie capabilities out of the box. On the other hand – like in most sectors – retro is en vouge.

on tour ...

Personally, I am convinced that it’s more this special feel and look of enlargements or slides, this distinct character of each type of film, that adds to the quality of the image. A RAW-processed image file, that went through all auto-tune, adjust and filters in Photoshop looks „proper exposed“, saturated in color and technically perfect, but white noise is not equal to film-corn and a limited color space does not have to be a defect.

exploring an old factory site

I am far from detesting the digital dark room – I am using these techniques myself in most of the cases. I only hope that both systems will still be able to live next to each other for a long time. While some time ago, I was not too optimistic in this respect, I have good hope today, that we will still be able to use „nostalgic equipment“ in a couple of years from now …

Controlling the outcome of the shooting

(photographs: (c) S.Psuja 2009)

In the end the image should tell the story, should take center of stage, not the gear that was used to create it !

So much for now … I wish all of us a happy and successful new year. Thanks for passing by !

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