Good old times …

Inspired by a friend who was visiting over Christmas, I took out my „old lady“ (Arax 6×6 medium format camera with some solid 80mm lens) and loaded two film backs with slide film. It’s just so different to the quick and dirty shooting using a small digital camera. I admit that sometimes this „Let’s quickly try this“ approach ends up with totally not satisfying results as Photoshop is not the universal magic solution to come up with Masterpieces no matter how bad the RAW-material is.

backyard old factory site, Berlin Koepenick

Shooting with the ARAX is like getting out of a high speed train at Grand Central station and then getting on board of a 1830 steam train to continue your journey. The camera is huge and heavy, solid mechanics and no electronics. Instead of complaining that the power-up time of the latest full frame DSLR „could be a bit faster“ for that price, here you find yourself carefully checking the mechanics, positioning the camera properly, using this enormous view finder to compose the frame, then you clock the shutter, adjust the shutter speed to match the reading of your spot meter and the aperture you chose. One deep breath – checking the frame once more, is the focus really set properly ? Not to easy to judge as it’s getting dark and even at f=2.8 I do not see all the details any more. Well, should be fine. Finally I press the little silver button on the cable release – claaaaack. The first out of 12 frames is exposed.

boat in front of old building

Besides the fact that a 6×6 slide on your light table is slowly revealing so many details and surprises, it is really what I would call a „living image“. I am improving my digital black and white workflow since a couple of years now – and I am quite happy with the results. Especially for Fine Art Prints the full control you have over your digital RAW-file is amazing and allows the optimum quality when it comes to printing.

But still, the „look and feel“ of a picture taken like in good old times is different. And I would not sell my classic film cameras for any reason …

Stay tuned …

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