David Hobby – The Strobist workshop at CERN

David Hobby in action
For most of us it’s a hobby, for David it’s passion, enthusiasm and a job since 20 years. Being a successful photo journalist and a talented tutor at the same time – this is what makes David’s workshops very much recommendable. Far away from boring lessons, he is just telling the inside story. Showing several of his latest assignment works and explaining step by step how to get the light right using only simple accessories like camera system flashes (speed-lights) was the first part of a workshop organized by the CERN photo Club.
David Hobby shooting portraits
In a second part even the absolutely un-sexy auditorium was transformed into an on location set where David demonstrated how to make the maximum use of the room and the light.
With two bags full of cool toys, everybody could get a close look on all the little helpers like gel filters, pocket wizzards, mini soft boxes and many other small pieces of equipment that make the life of the photographer much more easy. Instead of fighting with high-tech gear, one should concentrate on the artistic part of the game. That’s the message.
David Hobby's toys

Thanks for an entertaining and informative day, David …

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