Laforet film out now – Reverie

Vinvent Laforet stunning short film

Vinvent Laforet stunning short film

Since the first announcement, made by Vincent Laforet nearly a week ago, the hype was getting bigger and bigger, with hundred thousands of visits on his blog. Last night, the red curtain opened up. Even having high expectations – I have to admit – I was really blown away seeing this short but very dense and technically impressive film.

Have a look yourself : R E V E R I E

In addition, and at least as interesting is the behind the scenes video.

One does not have to be a prophet to anticipate a huge interest in this camera during the coming month. For me as a photographer, the amazing part is, that up to now, the only topic discussed in forums and blogs seem to be the „movie shooting“ part. The camera as a still camera will have to show its qualities next.

Thanks for watching …

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