Building your own Photo Archive

Murphy’s Law … Or Why NOW is the right moment

for buliding your own photo archive.

When did you check the air pressure of your tires last time ? Be honest, you don’t even remember ! When did you visit the gas station last time ? Before
the car runs out of fuel of course. Some things only come to our mind with a big bang when it’s too late. And believe me, a flat tire is annoying but still something that
can get fixed and after an hour or two you are up and running again.
Now, think about your photo archive for a moment. Is it really safe ? "Of course, I have my important files … mmmh … Probably most of them on DVDs …" I
don’t want to scare anybody, but it’s time to think about some changes. The possibility of loosing the photographs of the honey-moon trip to Hawaii, the first steps of the daughter, or
loosing a client – who will not recommend you any further – after you had to tell him, that the photographs you took for him are …. somehow not available any more.

As data storage and archiving is so essential for everybody maintaining a large photo archive, I will to go a bit more
into detail on the Hard- and Software side of the business.

What do we need – Hardware wise ? This depends on three factors :

The *importance* of your data (Think for a moment on the consequences in case you
would lose files).

The *amount* of data (Are we talking about 200 MB, 5 GB or 500 GB ?).

And last but not least the *organization* of your data (Does a "file card system" do the job ? You need a database ?
With only the file names ? Or with meta-tags, thumbnails and keywords ? You handle everything form your laptop or do other people / colleagues / friends need access via the web?)

As usual, money plays also an important role. Professional storage and archiving solutions can cost thousands of Dollars, Euros, etc. But in most cases a decent investment will
bring the maximum amount of safety that will make you sleep much better.


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