Stitching huge amounts of images

Now that the camera works pretty well, I spent some time and energy to optimize the post production of the huge amount of images that have to be stitched together in order to get the final digital large format photograph.

Photoshop CS3 e.g. is doing a good job in terms of the output quality. I’ve been stitching 20 to 30 full resolution .tif files (RAW conversion with Capture One). But the amount of resources in terms of free RAM and time is considerable.

A dedicated software for this job is Autopano Pro. It comes for Windows, Mac and Linux, is very reasonably priced with 99 Eur and convinces with a breathtaking speed during the whole workflow:

After selecting the input files, Autopano analyzes the files in order to find the matching panorama. Rendering and the blending of neighboring images in order to have one seamless image goes remarkably fast.

For more sophisticated projects a huge amount of manual functions allow all the freedom in order to obtain the optimum result.

My conclusion: Highly recommended !

Ein Gedanke zu “Stitching huge amounts of images

  1. I don’t know Autopano, but another one that works in my opinion much more precise on pano-stiching than PS CS3 is PTGui. Very powerful and it can also stitch HDR panoramas, though I must admit, that I’m not experienced with this function.

    Thanks for pointing out Autopano!

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