EPFL Rolex Learning Center panorama

Despite the nasty conditions, namely a strong wind and some decent snow fall, I went up to my favorite location – a roof facing the construction site. In order to have my camera gear at least a little bit protected, I did not go all to the front. So please don’t critic the disturbing barrier in the foreground of the image. It’s still more about the technical aspects.

EPFL Rolex Learning Center, Mar. 2008

This panorama is merged from ten RAW files, resulting in a total width of 14495 pixel and a height of 2800 pixel. If you click on the thumbnail you see only ten percent of the total image ! The full horizontal camera movements were used, namely plus minus three cm around the central image. In addition to that three more frames shifted additional three cm to the right hand side were partially used: After substantial cropping due to major shadowing the „concrete mixing tower“ (I have no idea how that one is called using the proper term) on the right side of the image was gained like this. Using the magnifying angle finder and taking a few test shots the focus is nicely set this time.

100 percent crop

The crop of the crane is not resized and shows the real resolution and sharpness of the original image file. I would again like to stress that working on ten RAW files at once requires reasonable computing power. Camera side wise I am happy to have a working setup now. A fully documented list of the equipment is coming soon. For now, I hope to be a bit more lucky with the weather, as a „nice“ photograph is not only technically ok but also artistically interesting ….

As usual, Stay tuned …

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