digital large format landscape photography

Dear all,

I am in a good mood, as I got finally the missing bits and pieces together to have my digital large format camera equipped for landscape / architecture photography. Why am I making such a big fuzz about that !?

Quick reminder: As I am using a DSLR attached to the rear standard of the Sinar F, the CMOS sensor is apparently located further backwards as one would have the plan film. This causes difficulties in terms of „focusing to infinity“ with all lenses that can not be brought close enough to the sensor plane due to mechanical constraints. My Super Angulon 90mm lens would be one of these problematic candidates.

balcony panorama

Visiting a local second hand photo market today, was a good idea: I could acquire a wide angle bag bellow and a Schneider Kreuznach Symmar 1:6,8/135mm lens. A good combination, as I found out. The above image – not too interesting from the artistic point of view, I admit that right away, consists of five single shots. Shifting the rear standard, we have two shots to the left and two to the right from the central image.

Here the advantage of this kind of camera comes into play: As the lens and obviously the scene are not moving during the total series of shots, practically only the rear standard with the DSLR attached is kind of scanning the image plane, which is of course much larger than the size of the CMOS sensor. The single images are completely distortion free and allow an easy „photomerge“.

Conclusion: I love it ….

PS.: Stay tuned.

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